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Welcome to Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted Telephone Systems are a single source for all your Hosted Telephony and Business Telephone System requirements. We are able to offer a fully managed Hosted Telephone System specifically tailored to your individual Business Telephony requirements and needs.

We have over 5 years knowledge in this market place and offer a "Keep it Simple Stupid" approach to Voice over IP (VoIP) and Hosted Telephone Systems.

We offer a wide range of products including:

  • Hosted Call Recording
  • Hosted Call Centre
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence Solutions
  • Call Conferencing
  • Unified Messaging
  • Remote Call Management
  • Voice over IP solutions

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What is VoIP?

Ok, so exactly what is Voice over IP (Voip)? Give it to me simple.

Voice over IP or VoIP as it is more commonly known is just another way of making phone calls, instead of using traditional ISDN phone lines your call is sent as a data packet via the Internet and converted at the other end into a voice call.

Why should your company adopt a Hosted Telephone System or VoIP Telephone System?

Well chances are you are already using Voice over IP without realising it in many of your day to day calls, many calls now are re routed from telephone exchanges onto different IP Backbones.

Hosted Telephone Systems or VoIP will bring all your communications together across all your locations including home-workers ensuring that you now have one single phone system for your business, which all calls between users are free irrespective of their global destination.

With a traditional telephone system, the day it goes on the wall is the day it went out of date! With Hosted Telephone Systems you connect to it, so you are always have the latest communication offerings at your disposal within your business. As and when we upgrade, you get upgraded.

As and when we add new products to the VoIP Hosted Telephone Systems you get the benefit to add them on.

You will not have to keep investing in boxes on the wall that go out of date, require costly onsite maintenance agreements and require onsite engineers.

Disaster Recovery is key to many businesses today; we are able to demonstrate to you how this system is more resilient than your existing telephony structure.

Imagine having one system that is:

  • Always up to date
  • That lives in a secure environment
  • That grows with your business up or down
  • Can move to another location seamlessly
  • Uses your existing number range
  • Offer free calls between users wherever they are
  • Has no costly maintenance contract
  • Can be managed remotely
  • Future proofs your business
  • Feature rich beyond traditional telephony systems
  • Integrates with your mobile phone

Hosted PBX v Traditional Telephone System

The easiest way to determine whether a “New Way” of doing something is better that the “Old Way” is to compare them like for like and see what additional services or features the “New Way” has that the “Old Way” cannot offer or not perform as efficiently, break it all down , analyse the differences and come to your own conclusion..

We have dedicated a section on the site to outline the major differences between a Hosted PBX and a Traditional Telephone System if you want to investigate this more we can offer you a full onsite demonstration of the Hosted PBX for your own personal evaluation. Click here for more…